About Gloucestershire County Council

Over the past decade, Gloucestershire County Council has been on an important journey. We have been successful in managing our finances well so that we can invest in the areas that really matter.

We have made improvements to the way we work and to the services we provide. We have tackled the issues we face today and are developing plans and solutions for the future. Information about Gloucestershire County Council can be accessed at the following link: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk

Gloucestershire Looking to the Future

Our vision for 2019 to 2022 is to make the most of all that Gloucestershire has to offer, help improve the quality of life for every community, support businesses to be successful and make sure the county is a place where people want to live, work and visit.

Our ambition is for Gloucestershire to be:

A Magnet County - a growing working age population, with more 18-40 year olds with high level qualifications choosing to live and work in the county.
An Innovative County - more businesses starting up, growing and investing in research and innovation.
A Skilled County - more people with high-level skills and jobs in skilled occupations.
A Prosperous County - rising productivity and household incomes offering higher living standards.
An Inclusive County - the economic and social benefits of growth to be felt by all communities, including rural, urban and our areas of highest deprivation.
A Healthy County - people to have a good work/life balance and improved health and wellbeing.
A Connected County - improved transport and internet connections so that people and businesses can connect with each other more easily.
A Sustainable County - more efficient use of resources and more use of sustainable energy.
A Resilient County - active, resilient local communities that keep people safe, provide them with support and help them to make a positive contribution.

Please access the following link to see the Council’s 2019-22 strategy:

Gloucestershire County Council Values

The values are at the heart of everything they do and are:

  • Accountability – we do what we will say
  • Integrity – we are honest, fair and speak up
  • Empowerment – we enable communities and colleagues to be the best they can
  • Respect – we value and listen to each other
  • Excellence – we continually improve through listening, learning and evaluation

All staff including leaders are expected to ‘live’ these values whilst delivering professional excellence.

Gloucestershire 2050 Vision

The world is changing fast and we can’t let Gloucestershire get left behind. Big ideas are needed to make the most of our county’s assets whilst retaining young talent and attracting new jobs and investment.

Gloucestershire 2050 is a county-wide conversation to explore ideas and shape our long-term future together. A full report on the exercise plus next steps in the creation of a vision for Gloucestershire in 2050 has been published and can be accessed at http://glos2050.com/