Introduction from Chief Executive / Leader

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Gloucestershire County Council. You will be joining at a hugely important time for the whole of the county. Working with our communities and our partners we have developed a new vision for Gloucestershire, one that will make the most of all our county has to offer. We have a strong and resilient economy and most local people enjoy a high standard of living. Education standards and levels of health and well-being exceed the national average.

At the same time, we know we have to tackle challenges of deprivation and isolation in some areas. We are determined to ensure that all our residents have the best start in life and go on to become engaged and successful members of their community. Working with business we will ensure that the county remains an attractive place for investment, so that our economy continues to strengthen, creating more opportunities for local people. Building on our excellent partnerships, we will work across traditional boundaries to ensure that we identify the best, creative solutions to the challenges we face. Our focus will be on the future while not forgetting our commitment to provide or enable excellent services for all in the present.

We are clear that we want leaders who can deliver our vision and our promises. Our Directors must be able to develop and lead teams who are working to our future agenda, committed to what we do and able to work beyond organisational boundaries to focus on what is best for residents. As Director of the Economy, you will provide leadership that stimulates the economy and the development of a vibrant Gloucestershire and ensures Gloucestershire continues to be a great place to live and work for all of us.

You will lead transportation and infrastructure services, including Highways, Public and Community Transport, and the Council’s influence over wider transport issues such as rail enhancement. In addition, you will oversee Planning Services, including helping to shape district Local Plans; Community Services, including Libraries and Registration; Waste Management and oversight of the Council’s climate change commitments and ambitions.

You will play a pivotal role in developing our strong partnerships and taking initiatives in regard to the continued growth of our economy and our ambitious infrastructure programme. You will provide the clear strategic focus and engaging narrative that enables staff and partners to see the goals, align their efforts and to reach our targets. You will also champion the work we have done on our values and behaviours by leading and modelling our new ways of working. Of course, you will also promote excellence, effectiveness and customer focus while ensuring effective risk management.

You will be at the heart of our place leadership and our continued development as an organisation, helping us capture the opportunities available. I hope that you will want to join us in creating a bold future for Gloucestershire.

Pete Bungard
Chief Executive

Mark Hawthorne
Leader of the Council